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10 March 2012 @ 06:23 pm
Title: Let’s Waste Time
Song & Artist: Chasing Cars by Snow Patrol
Fandom(s): Glee
Length:29 Seconds
Notes: Made for gleeverse. I like most people LOVE this song and I wanted to make a full length video but I really wanted to do a lot of manips and stuff and time sort of siped away, so instead here is a little vidlet of what will hopefully be coming after the end of S3.
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10 March 2012 @ 06:20 pm
Title: You Are My One And Only
Song & Artist: Small Bump by Ed sheeran
Fandom(s): Glee
Couple(s)/Character(s):Puck & Beth
Length:40 seconds
Notes: Made for gleeverse. Puck and Beth, oh man what can I say about these two…ADORABLE! This song seems perfect for them and when I heard it I knew I had to vid it, this challenge gave me the incentive to do so.
Comments and feedback is ♥
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10 March 2012 @ 06:17 pm
Title: Little Things
Song & Artist: Little Things You Do (commercial jingle)
Fandom(s): Glee
Length:40 seconds
Notes: Made for gleeverse. Cute little, happy video =)
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I Like That We Share A Secert Ot TwoCollapse )
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10 March 2012 @ 06:14 pm
Title: Good Girl Gone Bad
Song & Artist: Good Girl Gone Bad by Rihanna
Fandom(s): Glee
Couple(s)/Character(s):Quinn Fabray
Length: 37 seconds.
Notes: Made for gleeverse. I LOVED Skank!Quinn and really wish we’d seen more of her or the show, this song seemed a perfect fit.
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Easy For A Good Girl To Go BadCollapse )
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20 October 2011 @ 11:35 am
Title: All I Heard Was Nothing
Song & Artist: Nothing by The Script
Fandom(s): Downton Abbey (Spoilers For Season 2)
Couple(s)/Character(s): Sybil/Branson
Length: 33 seconds
Notes: These two are my OTP for sure, I can’t express in words how much I love them. I’ve wanted to vid them since series 1 finally found inspiration with this song to make a little vidlet. Enjoy =) Comments are ♥
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Password on vimeo is:betonbranson

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12 October 2011 @ 05:24 pm
All videos are divided into fandom categories and are in alphabetical order according to the video’s name. Click on the name of the video to go to its page.

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12 October 2011 @ 05:14 pm
Got a song in your head you think is perfect for a video then this is the place for you =)

Fandom’s I Vid:

Downton Abbey

OTP’s: I will do other couples but on certain ships it won’t be a long vid as I’m not enthralled by them.

Downton Abbey: Sybil/Branson, Anna/Bates
Glee: Puck/Quinn
Merlin: Arthur/Gwen, Merlin/Morgana

I’ll will do any gen, friendship, multi-ship, multi-fandom etc videos

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12 October 2011 @ 04:51 pm
Title:Watching You Walk Away
Song & Artist: Be Mine by Ellie Goulding
Fandom(s): Downton Abbey (spoilers for season 2)
Couple(s)/Character(s): Mary/Matthew
Length: 34 seconds
Notes: Made for shan_3414 as part of the fall fandom free for all. Hope you like it =) Comments are ♥

Password on vimeo is:downton

The Sweet Pain Of Watching Your BackCollapse )
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28 September 2011 @ 09:52 pm
Title: Marks Of Battle
Song & Artist: Exit Wounds by The Script
Fandom(s): Downton Abbey (Spoilers for Season 2)
Couple(s)/Character(s): Thomas/Edward (blind solider)
Length: 1:06
Notes: Thomas/Edward GAH they break my heart into a million pieces. I ship it SO HARD and although it was short lived, it was beautiful and it could have been so much more!! THEY COULD HAVE HAD IT ALL!! *endless amounts of crying*

WATCH ON YOUTUBE (blocked in Germany *sigh*)
WATCH ON VIMEO Password on vimeo is:thomasedward

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27 June 2011 @ 03:56 pm
Title: This Romeo Is Bleeding
Song & Artist: Always (acoustic) by Bon Jovi
Fandom(s): Glee
Couple(s)/Character(s): Puck/Quinn
Length: 1:51
Notes:First time vidding this couple/show. This couple is my OTP of the show there is no doubt about it; vidding them has only cemented their place at the top. I swear I will go all kinds of Lima heights if S3 doesn’t give me Quick scenes. Anyway I hope you all enjoy the video. Comments/feedback is ♥

Password to watch video is:especially now Watch in HD!


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